Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition Plan

In Nova Therapy, we believe exercise is necessary for a healthier body, but nutrition also plays a key factor in complementing a great fitness program – especially for weight loss or toning. We believe that individuals should maintain a proper diet to align their interests towards achieving future goals, which is exactly why we extend our services to nutritional advice. We want you to avoid spoiling great workouts with a poor diet!

If you decide to try our nutrition services, you will be asked to write down in a diary everything you have eaten for a period of seven days. All information will then be directed to our personal trainer who will provide you with comments on your current diet habits. You will also have a conversation with him to discuss how you can improve your diet and to suggest a new nutrition plan. As you can expect, this service is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

We are here to help our clients develop a better understanding of their own dietary decisions.

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