When is massage contraindicated ?

When is massage contraindicated?

There are a number of situations in which massage is not recommended. In all cases, it is important to share all concerns you may have with your massage therapist, so that he or she can adjust the session to fit your body and needs. Always make sure your massage therapist is FULLY QUALIFIED. It is also a good idea to discuss it with your healthcare provider, as he or she may have recommendations for massage treatment which would be best suited to your condition.

With all of the following conditions, massage is contraindicated: fever, open wounds, infection, broken bones, burns, muscle ruptures, heavy bruising, herniation, thrombosis, and bleeding disorders such as hemophilia. It is also not recommended for people with severe heart conditions and some skin infections.

In some cases, it is safe to get massage, but the therapist should not perform deep tissue massage. These situations include when it is performed on people who have osteoporosis, arthritis, and rheumatism. Deep work is also contraindicated for people with autoimmune diease, Hodgkin’s disease, high blood pressure,recent scar tissue, and conditions like arteriosclerosis. Massage is also not recommended directly at the site of varicose veins.

For years, massage  was contraindicated for cancer patients, but now massage is commonly used to help people feel better and to reduce some of the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatment. People with cancer should avoid very deep massage.  If you are having radiotherapy you should avoid massaging the treated area. Some people worry that having a massage when you have cancer may make the cancer cells travel to other parts of the body. No research has proved this to be true.

Some people believe that massage is contraindicated for women who are menstruating. This is not the case; in fact, it can sometimes help with cramping.

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