Relax at Home

We have perfected our vision of a luxurious at home massage and we invite you to experience the comfort, convenience and affordable luxury of having your own mobile massage therapist visit you in the comfort of your own home. We are confident that you will soon see our at-home massage concept as a great alternative to having travel to a spa.

Stress is a very detrimental part of our daily living. Reducing or eliminating stress with massage will greatly improve the quality of your life. A spa day seems ideal to achieving your goal of releasing pain and reducing stress. However, in London, the experience of actually getting to the spa may very well ruin your massage’s healing and calming benefits. Rushing to make a spa appointment in London is the wrong way to begin your soothing massage experience. Interacting with a multitude of people in unfamiliar spa surroundings can make you tense and anxious. Your body’s rejuvenation is limited by the battles you’ve faced before the massage as well as by the distraction of other people in the spa. After the massage, when you are relaxed and feeling your best, you then have to leave the spa and deal with London all over again.

At Nova Therapy, our in home massage therapist envisions a completely different massage experience. We believe in a mobile massage, cantered around you at home feeling your most comfortable. Our mobile in home massage therapist can work around your schedule and we can create a spa-at-home oasis of healing and therapeutic touch in any location you desire. Your massage therapist will assess your needs through thorough consultation and suggest one of our specialized massage treatments based on your muscle tension, body posture, repetitive movements, and intended massage outcome. Your massage therapist will completely customise your at-home-massage specifically for you.